General Class Info

Introductory classes with the St. Louis Jitterbugs are designed with the aspiring social dancer in mind. People start dancing for lots of different reasons–some are intrigued by the dance or music, some are looking for a way to meet new friends, some folks want the exercise or are just looking for a fun new challenge. Whatever your reason for joining the class, we believe you’re in the right place! Classes with the Jitterbugs are very laid back with an emphasis on fun and learning. We also offer more advanced programming and a team for experienced dancers. If you’re new to the ‘bugs and to swing dancing, you may find some helpful info here:

Where are classes located?

img_3488Our classes are located at the Koken Art Factory at 2500 Ohio Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104. Enter the space through the parking lot behind the building–the parking lot entrance is on Victor, the northern cross-street of Ohio. Then enter through the parking lot door with string lights over it! Koken Art Factory is an apt name, because the space is in a rehabbed industrial area. It’s beautiful!



Where do I park?

unnamedPark and enter Koken Art Factory via the fenced lot off of Victor St. on the north side of the building. Enter through the big door with the string lights over it. We’ll put a sign out! *PLEASE NOTE:* For the week of February 7th and 8th, due to an art show that is set up at Koken, please enter the building via the door at 2500 Ohio Ave. and park in the lot on Sidney Street or on Ohio Avenue. 



Do I need a partner?

Nope. You’re welcome to register with a partner or a friend, but we rotate partners throughout the class. You are welcome to choose whether you want to lead or follow and over time, we encourage you to learn both!

What should I wear?

Street clothes or whatever you’re comfortable moving around in are good for swing dancing. For shoes, choose something comfortable with low tread (i.e. smoother soles are easier to dance in than really grippy soles.) Flat or low heels are recommended, but to each their own!

What if I have two left feet?

We’ll believe in this mythical two-lefted creature when we see it.

How do I know which class to take?

Read the class descriptions on our upcoming classes page. If you can’t shake it out, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll talk it over with you.